Keys and Wheels blog was founded for like minded auto enthusiasts who are passionate about classic cars.

There is an undeniable beauty in the make and design of vintage cars that we don’t think anyone would deny. Our love affair with these gorgeous machines has only escalated with time. Back in the day, people who owned these classics truly knew how to maintain them and most of those who gave their gems up later regretted it. We know of many who did – pure blasphemy we say!
Today, there is large community of vintage car lovers and collectors who are on the lookout for old classics and engaged with restoring them. It is a large and profitable market and our blog is a drop in this auto sea. We bring to you the tales of glory of these splendid cars, complete from information regarding trade shows, latest information on classic models, to tips on maintaining your baby and reviews on the exotic cars of yore and fine pre-owned automobiles!
We understand that if you are a restorer of these old beauties, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it, restoring the mean machines back to their past glory, and here, you'll find lots of helpful information, tips and resources to make the process easier.
We love digging out information on classic cars – not appreciating their raw power and mean body would be a sin! They are a reflection of times bygone and with each of us having been associated with people who had these rusting beauties in their warehouses; it was natural to develop that passion. We are sure that every one of you, who holds a special place for classics in their heart, can say the same. We've had our childhoods' spent at trade shows, entire days spent indulging in the aura of a 1970s Porsche or a 1960s Chevrolet. There is so much that we a learnt about cars at those shows and later on that we can't wait to share it with you all. Those were the good times!
This blog is our tribute to all those who have maintained their classic cars throughout time and passed them on from one generation to another. Today, it's time to dig out these beauties and restore them to their former glory so that our younger generation can also appreciate what "auto beauty" looked like.
We're excited to share our experience and knowledge of vintage cars with you and we will love to hear from you too! If you're as crazy as us about concept cars, fine pre-owned cars and classic cars connect with us and help us make this blog a vibrant community of vintage car lovers.