Why Everyone Should Own a Volkswagen
Volkswagen has been a prominent and popular German car manufacturer since 1937. Since its inception, it has manufactured stylish and durable cars that let it enjoy a place in people’s hearts to this day. One of its most celebrated cars is The Beetle. Designed in 1938, it became a hit across the globe instantly. But what is it that makes Volkswagen so prominent and a symbol of perfection in car manufacturing? Let’s find out:


While the list of Volkswagen cars that are popular across the globe is endless, there are some which are well known because they stand out. ‘The Beetle’, is one of these cars, which is also known as the ‘Volkswagen’ simply as well as being called the “people’s car”. Over the years, it has undergone style and performance changes, but it still remains unbeatable. Since it was first launched, the car made way its way to the popularity index and remained there as a constant. Although subsequent changes contributed to the modification of its design and style, with some models proving to be better than the others, it was the compact shape that to this day, largely remains a symbol of identification for Volkswagen.


Not only has the brand delivered in performance, incorporating changes in its cars as the centuries unfolded, with new and improved technology and manufacturing techniques, but also throughout the years, the cars have remained stylish. It is very important for any car to deliver a kind of pride that its owners like to associate themselves with and this is what Volkswagen has managed to achieve.

Volkswagen cars have a reputation for being reliable and of high quality as well and it owns some of the most famous brands such as Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Skoda which are all high end luxurious cars. However, owning one of the Volkswagen classics today sure turns heads and if you are a classic car collector, you will understand why.

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