Planning Your Restoration Project?

Having Trouble Planning Your Restoration Project? Here's How to Go About It
Restoring a car is a fun yet tiring project. It takes time, energy and effort and most of the time, people find themselves getting exhausted mid-way. However, if you want to make your restoration project successful and completed on time, follow these planning tips:

Before Starting, Assess the Car

Before you start, it’s important to assess the car you are going to restore, as the condition of the car determines how lengthy your project is going to be. An old rustic car will take different planning and time than an accident prone one. The condition of the car will also help determine the money your project will take.

Make a List of Parts

When you assess the car, make sure to develop a list of all the parts that you will need to restore it. Other decisions that you should be clear on include, deciding the amount of money you will spend on the parts as well as determining whether you will opt for branded parts or those can be reused in certain areas of the car.

Set a Budget

Almost always, people run over the budget that they have set apart for their car restoration project because they haven’t analyzed things beforehand. This is an important aspect of your car restoration project and one which you mustn’t overlook at any cost. It’s better to budget your expense beforehand, than to face surprises later on in the midst of the project. Take everything into account, such as the auto parts, tires, wheels, panels, accessories, doors and professional help and add 30% to that budget so that any overhead expenses are covered in your budget as well.
These planning tips should help you start your restoration project in a reasonable manner and most importantly, finish it within time and budget.

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