Classic Ford Mustang

Winter Care Tips for Your Classic Ford Mustang
One of the stylish cars of the 60s is the Ford Mustang and if you happen to own it, you are indeed lucky. However, with the cold winter winds making their way in and possibly making it even colder in the coming days, you ought to know how to care for your classic car as per the season.
Here are some tips to follow:

Drive It

It sounds absurd to drive your car during the winters amidst the damp and the snow but it’s equally important to keep it running regularly so that its components remain functional. If you don’t do this, the parts could seize up, the seals could dry out and the tires could become flat.
Additionally, if you only start it up and leave it running for a while, it could cause wear and tear to the engine which isn’t advisable. So, find a suitable day that is dry and salt-free to drive it around for 20 minutes every week to keep it in good shape.

Care for the Battery

Any car that isn’t being used a lot in the winters, can invite battery problems. There are two things you can do to keep the battery in good shape. One is to use a trickle charger to keep it topped up and the other is to disconnect it from the car. However, using a trickle charger may weaken the battery while disconnecting it may drain it at a slower rate.

Underseal the Car

Undersealing your car can provide protection from the rust traps that are hard to reach. It may cost a few bucks but in the long run, you will realize that it is well worth it. With this, your car will remain rust free for years to come even when you drive it over a high mileage.

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