Storing Your Classic Car

Tips on Storing Your Classic Car
Your classic car is a machine that deserves all the care you can give it. But when the time comes to storing it in the garage for the winters, some protective measures can help keep it as good as new until the time when you take it out again. Follow these tips for storing your classic car for the winters:

Change the Oil

Before you put it away, change the oil and filter and circulate the clean oil once by running the engine a few times. It will help prevent corrosion during winters. Along with that, remember to put fresh grease in all the grease fittings. Corrosion can also occur on door hinges and the hood latch so spray them with white lithium grease.

Fill the Gas and Stabilizer

In order to prevent buildup of varnish, you have to drain all the fuel from the car but that is almost impossible to do. What you can do instead is to fill the tank with gas and the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer. Let it mix with the gas by driving around for 15 minutes.

Shut Off the Air Filter Box

Your car's air filter box, exhaust and heater systems can be raided by rodents, so you should switch it into a "recycle position” by turning the engine off and then stuffing steel wool in the air filter box intake duct.

Protect Your Battery

It's very important to protect your battery because it will not stay charged during storage and can freeze up. You can either remove it and keep it indoors or keep it at full charge by connecting it to a battery maintainer.

These tips should help you keep your classic car safe in storage during the winters.

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