Protect Your Classic Car

How Can You Protect Your Classic Car From Rust Formation During Winter?
Winter brings with it a lot of moisture in the form of snow and fog. This is a season that easily damages steel and metallic objects and they soon rust. If a metallic object gets rusty, we all know that it can’t get back to its “new” form again and eventually crumbles. For every classic car owner the sleek and shiny appearance of their car is something they take pride in. A rusty car definitely doesn’t attract any attention and leaves people with a bad impression. Here are some helpful tips that can prevent your classic car from rusting.
  1. Wash the Car Regularly

To keep rust at bay, you have to get your car washed at least once every two weeks. Washing the car on a regular basis helps to remove rust and also reduces the chances of further formation.

  1. Coat the Surface with Wax

Whenever you wash your car, try to apply a coat of wax on its surface as well as the interior. Make sure you do this regularly at least once every four months. A thin layer of the wax coating prevents the surface from corroding; it keeps the top oily and reduces the chances of moisture accumulation, and ultimately rust formation.
  1. Cover the Exterior of Your Car

When not in use, use a leather car cover to cover the car. Using such a material will  block any water vapors or droplets from coming into contact with the car surface and reduces the chances of rust formation.
  1. Wash the Car with Salt Free Water

Salt has a corrosive property, in order to extend the life of the car, it is best that you use salt free water whenever you wash the car. Water also finds its way through small openings, and it can get to bolts and other parts, thereby increasing rust formation.

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