Heavy Rain

Drive Your Classic Car Safely During Heavy Rain

Driving your classic car during heavy rains can be very risky. The wet roads increase the probability of your car tires losing their frictional force, and ultimately your car will begin to skid. In such a case, it can become very difficult for you to control your vehicle, and soon enough, you might end up in an accident. If you are on a wet road with your classic car, here are three tips that will always keep you on track and away from accidents.

#1 Drive Slowly

When it’s raining heavily, it is always best to maintain a steady and slow speed on the road. Heavy rains come with poor visibility, and the roads get excessively wet. If you end up speeding, the chances of you not seeing the road clearly because of the poor visibility will increase and soon you might collide with another vehicle in front of you. Driving slowly will prevent sudden brakes and allows you ample time to decipher a good way out of any situation.

#2 Change Your Car Tires Frequently

The durability and quality of tires plays an important role in rainy days. High quality tires will prevent the vehicle from skidding on a slippery road. You should know that worn out tires only increase the chances for skidding, so always try and change them regularly. New tires have a greater frictional force and thus lesser chances of skidding during heavy rains.

#3 Maintain a Good Distance from Other Vehicles

When it is raining heavily, it is recommended that you keep distant from the vehicles ahead. Doing so will give you a better chance of staying safe and allow you to act fast. What’s more, it will reduce the chances of you skidding and bumping into the car.

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