Battery Life of Mercedes Benz

Maintaining the Battery Life of Mercedes Benz SEC
We all know how annoying it can be to start the engine of your car, especially during winters. Ignition tends to get problematic because lower temperatures tend to affect the battery strength. During winter, the engine oil becomes thicker, and the battery becomes heavier. If the battery plates in your Mercedes Benz SEC have also weakened, you might face some problems with the battery. It is known that a good battery can work efficiently for up to 24 to 30 months in one go. Here are some car battery maintenance tips for you.

Refill Some Distilled Water in the Battery

Usually, car owners face this problem in summer, when the temperatures are high and the chances of your car battery losing all the battery fluids will also increase. Make sure that you top up the electrolytes in the battery. Maintain the 1:3 ratios (1 for sulfuric acid, and 3 for distilled water). Water easily evaporates from the car and you must refill it with distilled water only or else the impurities will affect the lifespan of the battery.

Use New Clamps for the Battery

As the days pass, eventually the battery terminals deteriorate. Around the terminals you will see thin layers of rust, which hinder the easy passage of current around the battery. If this happens to your battery, it won’t allow the engine to start up. To avoid or reduce the formation of rust around the terminals, pour some distilled boiled water over the battery clamps and try to wash out any remaining particles. Once you clean all the battery terminals, fit them back in their appropriate places. If the terminals have deteriorated beyond repair, it is best that you call an expert to change them for you.

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