Bad Quality Engine Mounts

3 Signs of Bad Quality Engine Mounts in Your 1973 Ford Mustang
In a vehicle, the engine remains protected under the hood with secure rubber and metallic engine mounts. These help to give the engine a strong hold and also minimize the chances of vibrations and unnecessary noise. Engine mounts remain in good condition for a long time, but after prolonged usage, they begin to wear and tear. So how can you detect bad quality engine mounts in your classic 1973 Ford Mustang before the damage goes out of control? Let us walk you through the process:
  1. Engine Vibration

If the engine mount in your classic car has a poor quality, it will lose its grip and cause unnecessary vibrations in your car. Soon enough the vibration intensity will increase, especially when you turn on the engine. Loose engine parts are the cause of vibrations and that ultimately means that your car engine mounts are bad.
  1. Exhaust Leaks

Worn out or broken engine mounts will let your car move without any problems for some time, but with continuous driving, the movement of the engine will lead to breaks and cracks in the exhaust, this causes exhaust leaks, excessive noise and may also force gases in the exhaust to shift into other sections of the engine. Eventually, you get the smell of fuel fumes, which means the mounts of the engine are bad.
  1. Worn Out Engine Belts

Engine mounts that are damaged not only affect exhausts, they also affect the belts, cover gaskets, and engine manifolds of the car. If this goes on, soon the engine belts will damage and completely deteriorate. This causes the engine to tilt and sag. However you should know that this stage only comes when the engine mounts have deteriorated to a stage where it can’t be repaired.

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