3 Firebird tips

Drive Your Pontiac Firebird Safely with These 3 Tips
When driving on busy highways, you will come across different drivers. Some obey all the rules of the traffic, while others are just drive recklessly. In such situations, you have to stay vigilant. Here are some driving tips that will always come in handy when you hit the road.

Maintain a “Safe Distance”

When you start driving your Pontiac Firebird, make sure that you stay within the specified speed limits. If you increase your speed, know that your chances of losing control over the car will also increase and you will end up meeting with an accident. Especially when driving on a busy highway, make sure that you maintain a safe distance and try to press the brakes way before time.

Keep the Indicators Turned On

Most drivers who break rules tend to ignore this point. When you make any turn, make sure that you turn on the indicators from a good distance. This allows you to see the traffic before time and you can turn on the indicators. Turning on the indicators also helps the other vehicles; they can see you from a distance and stay away from your car. Most accidents usually happen because drivers do not indicate where they are heading to and other cars end up colliding with them. While driving keep in mind that other people’s lives are also at a great risk.

Obey Traffic Rules

When driving, obey all the traffic rules. Breaking such rules will only cause more mishaps and greater accidents. Whenever the traffic signal turns red, know that people cross the road, so you must stop. If you ignore the signal and drive on, you will end up taking a life. Also, wear your seat belts while driving.

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