The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show gave car enthusiasts the opportunity to drool over the latest cars and car concepts all under one roof. Automobile manufacturers lined up the halls at the auto show which is winning the race to be the biggest motor show in the world.
As expected, German automakers were out in full force and pretty much dominated the show by flexing their muscles in all categories. While the Germans made headlines, the Brits weren’t too far behind and put up a food fight by debuting some new and exciting models of their own.
While the supercars made headlines during the show were Ferrari’s 488 Spider and Lamborghini’s Huracan, the Porsche Mission E and Mercedes’ IAA concept cars helped lift up the curtain on what future design of cars and their technology should look like. Other auto makers such as, BMW, Nissan, Audi and Mazda also made headlines with their respective launches.
Ford unveiled its Edge SUV with European specs ahead of its launch in 2016. While it has been on sale for the past year in the US, this latest version gets a bold and butch look and a more fuel efficient engine.
Bentley’s first SUV was also unveiled at the Motor Show which will help give the luxury brand a boost in a whole new direction. Bentley describes the Bentayga as the most luxurious and fastest SUV in the world and with 600bhp and 900NM of torque, they aren’t kidding.  
During the motor show Bugatti unveiled the Vision Gran Turismo concept, which was designed for the Gran Turismo video game.
While the Vision did give a nod to the company’s racing past, the design also included hints of features which will be part of the Chiron, which will be the successor of the Veyron.

Ending Note

While the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will be talked about by us mere mortals long after it has finished, this year’s show has left the bar pretty high, leaving us only to guess of what could be in store for us car fanatics next year.

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