Mercedes Benz SEC

The Stylish Coupe in Every Right 
to Drive around Town
A car is a logical extension of your lifestyle, and if you're used to elegance and luxury, the Mercedes Benz Coupe was everything to fit that criteria when it launched in 1981. First presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, approximately 74,000 were produced. It took its inspiration from the S-Class Saloon of the 126 series but launched itself as a fully fledged four-seater that was class itself on wheels.
The SEC was originally launched in 380 and 500 form, with the 500 SEC making it as a top ranger car and maintaining its position for five years. The basic variation on the SEC was a 204bhp and steel wheels. Until 1985, the ABS was optional. The 1985 560 SEC turned heads with its wider tires and more muscular look. It even had a limited slip differential, making for improved handling.
The coupe came with exclusive equipment, optimum safety features, and powerful engines, all working in tandem to result in a comfortable drive. The design ergonomics and the elegant interiors added to its beauty, which remained evident features in all future models until 1991. The coupes were one of the few cars designed to reflect the most recent safety research findings which included the car having an electrically operated belt feeder, standard on all SEC cars. Systems such as automatic locking differential and acceleration skid control contributed to optimal driving safety.

Even today, you can find one of these beauties if you are really in for it. Back in the day, the car provided driving comfort and safety and rounded as an everyday practical car which you could drive around town in style. The fact is its classic features turned heads more than you would expect.

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