Is the Google Car Really Infallible?

Well, it wasn’t enough that the search engine giant is already in our computers, and our phones, it will not be long before we’ll all be driving in Google’s self driving cars too. But, with all the hype surrounding this unique vehicle, is it really the future we need? While the internet is littered with the benefits of having an autonomous vehicle on the road, we felt the need to dig deeper and see what’s really going on with Google’s highly anticipated self driving car.

Driving By the Book

Don’t get me wrong, having a self driving car on the road really sounds great, but there are certain things that people haven’t really thought of yet. For instance, the fact that Google’s self driving car can easily be paralyzed, not by viruses or malware, but from ordinary people, allow me to explain. It seems that the main problem with Google’s self driving car is that it plays by the book. For instance, at a four way stop, Google cars need to come to a complete stop before the car that arrived first can proceed (or the one on the right). But, in the real world, drivers can usually be found inching their way, driving slowly or rolling, and do not come to a screeching halt unless there is a police car around. This is the biggest problem with Google’s self driving car, because it will not move on to the four way stop unless the other vehicles are being driven by the book.

Pedestrian Problems

Another problem with the Google car is that whenever they see a pedestrian at the crossing, they stop immediately. While there is no problem with doing that, since that is what a pedestrian crossing is for, the problem here is that in the US, pedestrians are actually second class citizens, which means nobody stops until the pedestrian in the middle of the road. So, whenever the Google car stops at a crossing, other cars usually rear-end them, sometimes repeatedly!

So, these are just some of the problems that the folks at Google will have to deal with before letting their drone cars loose on the roads with the most unpredictable species of all…humans.

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