Ford Thunderbird

The Iconic Car of the 50's

Without doubt, the 50s saw a number of rivals and competing cars driving the competition up and this rivalry gave rise to some of the most iconic cars, which today drive car enthusiasts crazy. If one manufacturer made its marks due to their distinct styling the other revved it up with its powerful engine. However, among all the cars of the era, the Ford Thunderbird lineup stood as a glorified legend.
The Thunderbird was born with the intent to capture the younger drivers who were looking for a sportier car to drive. Ford had competition from Chevrolet, which launched its Corvette in 1953 and came up with their answer in 1955 with its designers launching the sleek and beautiful Thunderbird, which could seat 2 people, perfect for a date back then, eh!
The Thunderbird had a detachable roof panel and a V8 powered engine and despite of being in response to the sporty Corvette it made its position as a personal luxury car emphasizing on its comfort and convenience. It did really well in its first year of production and in fact outsold the Corvette by more than 23-1. The Ford Thunderbird sold 16,155 units against 700 of the Corvette. Among the first ones to sport this personal luxury car were the famous singer Frank Sinatra and actor Clark Gable.
The thunderbird evolved and changed with the changing America in the coming years but managed to retain its place in the hearts of people with its exceptional design and engine quality. its design of the late 50s to early 60s reflected as a true bird flying high with its wings spread wide, carefree of the world. If you're a fan of the 50s rock and roll you ought to be a fan of the Thunderbird as well which consistently remained a tough competitor in the luxury car category.

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