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Vehicle Maintenance Part 1: Car Tires
The proper car maintenance is essential if you want to avoid any unwanted surprises in the form of heavy repair bills. While finding blogs on how to maintain a vehicle can be easily found online, the following lines are going to help simplify that information into basic car maintenance tips that anyone can understand, from a weekend hobbyist to business fleet owners.

Clean Brake Dust off on a Regular Basis

This first one is a no-brainer, brake dust contains all kinds of nasty and if you leave it alone for too long, that nasty combination of grime, heat and moisture on the brakes will land up on your wheels. It is not unheard of for brake dust to cling onto wheels with static electricity. And the only way to really get rid of it is by using some clean cold water and a damp sponge.

Check the Pressure of Your Tires

It doesn’t really matter how new or old your car is, checking your tire pressure on a regular basis is necessary, and once a week is ideal. That’s because bad tyre pressure can easily affect the overall fuel economy of your vehicle, leading to more fuel consumption and higher costs of having to gas up your car. Checking the pressure of your tires is easy to do, so there aren't really any excuses not to.

Check Your Tread Depth

This is something that is often times missed by car owners who look to maintain their cars. Slick and bald tires might be good for motor racing, but they don’t really work that well on the road. That is why most tires come with tread wear bars which are built into them. So, find out if the tread is very low and the tire is in need of replacement. While getting four new tires for your ride may seem a bit expensive it beats having to pay a fine or worse, getting in an accident.

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