5 Classic Cars with Soul

In the current climate, when a car reaches a certain point in its life where it can no longer fulfill the needs of a housewife or exceed the dreams of a teenager, it is left to fall into disrepair. It is usually then bought off by someone who just wants a cheap runaround and is then run literally into the ground like a pit pony. But, there are cars out there, classic cars that have stood the test of time and bring with them a red mist of excitement whenever you lay eyes on them, and here they are;

The BMW M Coupe

While this looks like an after hour’s project of the Germans, the BMW M Coupe is small, punchy and beautiful in its own way. Produced from 1998 to 2002, this isn’t exactly a classic, but it does have an unhinged shooting brake that comes with M underpinnings, making it a wee bit stiffer than the Roadster, but gets it a spot on this list.

The Fiat Panda 4x4

Since its launch in 1983, there have only been around a hundred limited edition Panda manufactured, which is surprising because wherever you find mountains in Europe, you will find an original Fiat Panda battling on valiantly. Small, very old, but mechanically simple, the Fiat Panda 4x4 is loved by all who have driven them.

The Dodge Viper RT/10

This eight liter engine is a fabulously potent cocktail of power that has a Baywatch swim suit as costume. So, what’s not to like of this muscle car.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The original FJ10 is known as the Macho in Venezuela, there’s a little trivia for you. Like the original Land Rover Defender, the FJ10 is actually so fit for the job that it is actually the antidote to the modern world on four wheels, which is why although production started way back in 1953, it was still being made in Brazil up till 2001.

Mercedes Benz W123

The Mercedes Benz W123 was widely considered to be the best engineered car ever (at the time!).  In fact, it was compared to some very well made cathedrals according to some people. Produced from 1977 to 1985, the W123 is still immensely popular in Northern Africa.

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