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3 Tips to Maintain the Value of Your Classic
Being an owner of a classic car is like possessing a unique treasure. It is quite obvious that you'd want to ensure that your antique car remains in working and functioning condition as long as possible. Their good condition is a reflection of your attachment to your beautiful machine, plus it keeps the value of your classic high.
So, here are a few tips that will help ensure your antique doesn’t lose its glint.

Frequent Maintenance is quite necessary to have regular maintenance scheduled for your car. This helps one keep a record of the various problems and changes occurring to the car. Furthermore, it creates a sense of awareness in the owner about how or when the car needs a part repaired or replaced. Moreover, a car serviced from time to time is significantly more reliable than an unmaintained one.

Know When to Get Your Car Waxed

In most classic cars manufactured before the 1990s, there was no extra coating of paint on the original paintjob. Thus, there was just a “one-stage paint”. This single stage coating begins to fade with time. To keep the actual coating on your car, it is necessary that you have the main coat repainted. You can also consider getting a second or third layer too.

Protection against Climatic Factors

Climatic factors have a direct impact on the condition of your car. Classics are an easy prey to wind, dust, heat, water, and moisture. You must use car covers, that are neither too thick nor too thin, but strong enough to shelter the car. This saves your car against dust, heat, and wind. Moreover, to prevent the car from rusting and its polish from vanishing, it is necessary to park it in a garage. This would shelter it from rain and sunlight. One must also use a dehumidifier machine, in the garage, to avoid the car from getting affected by moisture.

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