The Pontiac Firebird

A True Embodiment of Style
A car that achieves Hollywood status must be a car of prominence, but the Pontiac Firebird isn’t just that. Its appearance in the movie Smokey and the Bandit gave it much more exposure which expanded across demographics, however, that isn’t the only reason for its immense popularity. The first model of the Firebird appeared in 1967 along with its twin the Chevy Camaro, but it managed to do what few other cars do- it resonated with the American pop culture of the time and managed to make its place in the hearts and mind of those who crave muscle coupled with style.
In the style department, the Firebird was no less of a head turner with its sporty outlook and edgy exterior. It came in Coupe and convertible body styles but if you want to talk about its performance, there is no setback there either. It sports a 400 cubic inch V8 with an inline 6 for those who preferred more nimble handling and a higher revving engine.
The 1970s saw a redesigned Pontiac emerge available only as a sleek coupe. It has run its source of production until 2002, emerging each time with slight changes to its exterior styling but its performance remains steady across the years. The third generation Firebird in 1982 had a more wedge shaped hatchback body style and flip up headlights. The last generation of this car maintained its age-old tradition of performance and style and was offered in only the coupe body style.

Its fast and its stylish, which is what catches the eye of the classic machine lovers but some may find its interior a bit clunky. However, where it may lack in interior it compensates with its abundant cargo capacity and large gauges.

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