The 1973 Ford Mustang

A Force to Reckon With

The Ford Mustang offers a glimpse of the good life of the 70s when it morphed into a high performance comfortable car with a head turning style that no one can deny the impact of. The fact is that when the Mustang came out in 1971 the Ford Motor Company was already fearful because of the changing market dynamics and government regulations, which was stifling the success of the performance based muscle and sports car.
However, with the launch of the new Mustang in 1971, in three distinct styles: as a hardtop coupe, fastback sports roof, and convertible, it managed to win hearts yet again by following the trend of the longer, wider and lower vehicles of the time. The 1971-9173 Mustangs is larger in every dimension than its predecessor. To be precise, it is a 190-inch long car built on a 109.0-inch wheelbase.
You can still find a couple of these beauties for sale, but most people who owned these back in the 1970s changed theirs as the style of the era entering into the 80s changed. Newer cars have always taken over the older ones but this classic of the 70s is a force to reckon with. During the three years of the production of this Mustang, it did pretty well in the market.
The engine of the Mustang is a Inline six with a 9.0:1 compression ratio and a 3.68 x 3.91 inch bore and stroke. It produces 140 horsepower at 4000 rpm. Its interior sported covers in durable vinyl and the floor was covered in thick carpeting which extended to the lower door panels. Talk about class!

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