The 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

A Roadrunner in Name and in Truth

This is one of the finest American classic cars when it comes to speed and style. With very few units in production when it first came out in 1968- 10904 to be exact. You'd be skeptical to find one of those out there today. However, rest assured, with some luck, you may still get your hands on this beauty.
With the 426 inch Hemi V8 engine that churns out 425 horsepower, it stole the hearts of the crowds who are excited to feel the rush of the wind in their hair. It has been one of the star performers in its time. An interesting fact about the car is that Plymouth went ahead and licensed the Road Runner name from Warner Brothers. To further capitalize on the speedy image of the character, it also developed a horn sound for the car that imitated its "beep-beep".
It's beautiful in its originality, with smooth interiors and stylish exteriors which resemble the classiness of the cars of that era. It had remained a true blast to drive on the speedy highway, and its fine engine make and pleasant sound make it stand apart from the crowd. There is an undeniable beauty of the cars which came out in the 70s, and those who own them or even remotely have seen one will understand the essence of this statement.

Today, very few of these would be on the road, but if you see one, it sure has the capability to turn your head around. You are bound to look at it not once but twice and continue to stare as far as you can. The 1968 Plymouth RoadRunner is named such for a reason to which it stood up to!

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